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Bruce Wuollet

Bruce Wuollet, Board Member

Bruce is the Managing Partner overseeing the Bakerson Company’s family real estate investments – a group that presently consists of 2 different funds and 3 syndication projects – all of which have a specific focus on rehabilitation and otherwise adding value to Arizona real estate – both single family and multi-family properties.

Bruce began working in real estate in 2001 within the tax lien foreclosure arena. He learned to research public records, to understand how title work functions and to have knowledge of the legal side of real estate. He soon perceived an opportunity in pursuing vacant homes that were not in tax lien foreclosure. In January of 2002, he purchased his first investment home. By the summer of the 2002, he had purchased three investment homes, a duplex and a triplex. In the first 18 months he learned private financing, deal partnering, cash flow and forced equity. Over the next 12 years, Bakerson had completed over 2,000 real estate transactions.

Bruce's strengths are in building new systems as well as streamlining existing ones. In Bruce’s view, efficient systems within the organization are key to profitability and expansion. He has learned that an inefficient system can be more costly than no system at all. Attention to detail in this area is vital.

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