About Investor Valet

InvestorValet seeks to make private investments available to consumers of all types across the country in a manner that is simple and safe with as little risk as necessary. All investments carry risk, but risk are best dealt with by the most sophisticated people, and for that reason, our company only promotes opportunities where the deal sponsor is a sophisticated and experienced developer, operator, or syndicator. By making sure that the track record of the syndicator or deal sponsor is excellent, we know that future deals promoted by that sponsor are likely to be strong and secure.

What you will find on our deal pages are opportunities from which you can selected based on choices and criteria that you personally set. Our real estate opportunities will be available in different parts of the United States, and in different asset classes. For example, if you prefer apartments or raw land, or housing developments or assisted living facilities, you should be able to find all of those types of opportunities on our website. You may look for deals that have a shorter duration or a longer one. You may look for deals that have a higher rate of return or a lower one based on your risk profile and your personal investment tolerance. You may find that some deals have a minimum that's too low. Or, you may find that you prefer to work with deal sponsors that are geographically more desirable for you.

We also encourage our investors to contact the deal sponsors and get as comfortable as necessary before investing anything. Once you sign up to be part of the InvestorValet family, we will send you a series of informational materials that will help education you on how to select private securities, and how to use the CrowdFunding engine to your greatest advantage. All of us at InvestorValet are thrilled to have you aboard. Please feel free to review the materials on this website with the expectation that you will become a better investor over time, and we hope to be a big part of that process.